Energy Pyramid hand crafted by composer Man-yee Lam.

The dimensions and angles of the pyramid alone, with its 4 triangular sides, have been proven to have certain characteristics that are preservative and curative. It is part of the great mystery of Sacred Geometry. Why so many cannot fathom the why’s of it does not render it some sort of hoax. The results have been observed countless times through millennia.

The Energy Pyramid is constructed primarily with 1.6 billion-year old ANCHI crystals. A note of cosmic perfection was struck with the configuration of the pyramid. Man-yee has combined this with ANCHI, another form of cosmic perfection. ANCHI crystals “know” what to do to perpetuate life and positivity. They have been self-perpetuating themselves for eons.

“Knowing” and ”intelligence,” understood by conventional definition do not apply. The further back we can go to the source the closer we are to attaining wellness, not with the latest OS for your computer. If you cannot get your mind around crystals (or any other form of inanimate object, but especially crystals) having intelligence you should begin to understand, or remember if you already have been exposed to this awareness, that most phenomena that occurs in our world is unseen and unheard by human beings. These phenomena are not within our sensory spectrum.

Yes, ANCHI crystals generate energy at a certain frequency, but it is energy and frequency guided by intelligence. The same intelligence that created all life and all that there is, was, and will be. Its essence has never changed and never will change.